free market analysis report on your industry

Ask us for a FREE market research report on your industry. It will contain the secret to your successful marketing campaign.

Every successful marketing campaign should start with extensive market research. Your business idea will no doubt sound amazing to you but if nobody is looking for what you are offering it could be an uphill struggle. Before we start promoting your business we will carry out free research based on your target market and your competitors. We'll then provide you with a report on the state of online marketing in your industry.

Free extensive keyword report

24/7 online reporting

Keyword report

At the start of the campaign we will present you with a report showing our suggested targeted keywords, their approximate monthly searches and the level of competition for each. We won’t take on a job we can’t deliver, so we’ll make sure you are not targeting a market that is just too competitive at this time.

Market audience

If you sell locally we will also check-out the potential target market audience active on social media within your locality, this will give us a good idea whether social media is a marketing channel worth pursuing. We find campaigns that use a combination of SEO, pay-per-click advertising and social media in the beginning are more successful in the long run as we can gather so much more data early on and then refine what is working the best to deliver results for your investment.

Traffic reporting and analysis

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it! Every part of your campaign will be monitored and you will be given access to a control panel which will show the progress of each keyword we are targeting and it’s position in the search engines. We will install Google analytics as standard so you will have instant access to traffic statistics, click-through numbers and visitor interraction on your website.

Pay-per-click and Facebook reporting

Every month you will be given a report on how your FB ads and Adwords campaigns are performing. This will include the amount of times your ad has been displayed, the amount of clicks it has generated and the subsequent interraction of the visitor.